The Grassroots Sound studio space offers many features specifically catered to musicians and recording artists, including:

• A 400 sq. ft live room with a 13 ft vaulted ceilingLive Room

• One 65 sq. ft vocal/guitar isolation room with a 12 ft ceilingVocal/Guitar Isolation Room

• A 100 sq. ft keyboard/piano room
Keyboard/Piano Room

• A 200 sq. ft control room with a fully baffled and tuned ceiling and walls, and a view of the entire studioControl Room

• An over 100 sq. ft drum room with 12 ft ceiling, fully floated floor and great sight lines to all the other rooms
Drum Room

• Reproduction area, washrooms, loft area, and lounge area

For the uninitiated: Why all the carpets and soft walls? Well, all of these have sound dampening properties that result in a phantom noise-free recording environment. Also, they make the place feel cozy, right? You may have also noticed that many of the walls are set at angles. This is done to maximize proper room acoustics and give you the best possible sound for your recording project. Every part of Grassroots Sound has been painstakingly developed in such a way to get the most full and clear sound out of every instrument.

Thinking of recording at Grassroots Sound?  We’d love to have you! Please call and ask for Wayne if you have any questions about the setup, gear, rates or life in general at (204) 334.5016.