The Muddy River Stringers were the main reason I decided to found Grassroots Sound. As my main gigging band, it quickly became apparent that if we were going to get anything recorded in a studio, our procrastination would be our ultimate undoing. I decided that the only course of action was to start purchasing recording gear and proceeding on the path that has become a life’s love and obsession.

Muddy River Stringers

The recording of other artists began with longtime friends in the music business that were looking for a place to do some demo work on their personal projects. This soon spread to full album projects, creating the need for more (bigger, better) equipment, which is of course a neverending endeavour.

I like to think Grassroots Sound has since established itself as a comfortable place where musicians can focus on their art without all the usual distractions. Never straying from our roots, we still record many “first-time” albums from artists young and old, as well as tracks and projects from established musicians. I invite you to come check out the studio and see what we can do for you.

- Wayne Posnick