The Post-Xmas/Birthday Wrap-up

Well i got a new website so i guess I’d better get off my butt and start filling in some of the blanks, including the blog. Well here it goes. Had a great Christmas season with the family in from Australia. I think it was a bit of a shocker to step off a plane and find out it’s -35 degrees outside. We managed to dig up warm clothes and cold drinks and their 3 week visit seemed like 3 days. The kids actually thought the snow was fun and ended up with a bunch of lifetime firsts with toboganning, ice skating, snowmobile riding, ice fishing(and they all caught fish) to name a few events. The boys turned into studio rats and moved into the loft for the stay. Well, just before Christmas we finished up Marylin Bedard’s gospel C.D. for which I used my visiting daughter’s (Amber) design skills for the cover art. It turned out great and we wish her the best of sucess. Also finished the latest Bill Rumley and Billious Pond project on which my other graphic design daughter (Sam) did the cover art work. Another great project. Played New Year’s Eve in Baldur Manitoba with Shoes For The Dog. Had a great time and the party went till late. They always know how to party out in the country. Got a couple of gigs this month with Shoes and Bullrush and some more studio projects to work on. We’re down to mixing on the Tinitus disc and just finishe a new single by Jack Meade called If They Play Bingo in Heaven. Well I’ll try to keep you posted as we progress. Talk to you soon. Even if you’re not listening.

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